Art Journey Melbourne – part 2

Art Journey Melbourne – part 2 ( not been posting due to tech issues, but that hasn’t stopped me on my Journey)

Went off to see another great Australian artist, Ramesh Mario Nithiyendran . “In the beginning”, is the title of this exhibition. The symbolic figures he masters in clay, the vibrant wall drawings and the idiosyncratic display of works selected from the museums private collection, combined with his golden sculptures in glass cabinets is an eye opener of what he has created and mastered. A must see!

Back to NGV to absorb more of First Nations traditional crafts from batik prints

ceramics, weaving and aboriginal paintings on skateboards. I love this art work which is described in the brochure as ART and not as Craft only .

A visit to the ceramic potters fair in Warrendyte countryside viewing all the new and established artists from the areas around Melbourne. Met up with a great ceramicist who will be exhibiting in the States next month and who has been potting away for 35 years. Adriana . Adriana shared information on a wonderful ceramicist who works in New Zealand & whose work I admire as her technique of combining fine porcelain with a rough dark clay,  (feeneys BRT only found in this area) similar to the technique I use.

 A stroll up my street direction Toorak takes you to wonderful galleries , Station Gallery, MARS Gallery, Manyung Gallery and many more exhibiting local artists. Interior Design shops are numerous with each selling their own designs and interior specialities.

Food, food and more food. Melbourne the food capital of the world. I cannot leave this out of my creative journey.

Vietnamese, Japanese, Asian, Australian fusion . The flavours variety and choices are incredible . Breakfasts start the day in coffee shops dotted on every corner combined with a coffee culture which began in Melbourne. My list of places is endless as I have explored this city enjoying the experience. Chin Chin, Tonka , Greek breakfast at Onethirtytwo Chapel, one of the hip areas in the city, Vietnamese in “Como” as the area is known, fish & chips, Naked Chicks for chicken and unusual salads. The food markets, especially Victoria night food market. The new idea of nitro glacé snare to order with their delicious organic flavours and Belgium chocolate, my favourite. 


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